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Hello everyone I’m new to the forum..... As a sales manager for a large auto group in AZ I’m shocked how PRG runs his business! All of you are extremely way to nice. No way would I wait months for a response or parts that never came. I have customers screaming at me because their floor mats don’t fit right lol! Just purchased a 12 Xterra 4WD with 67k miles as my weekend Warrior and plan on doing mods of course. PGR just lost my business from reading this thread.
The issue is that there are only a couple businesses that supply nissan xterra and frontier parts. He also developed many of the designs and was part of the whole Titan swap figuring out thing. We have a very, very limited market. Even more limited than my mazdaspeed aftermarket. Maybe if the new frontier and xterra take off we will have more options.

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