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Hey everyone!
So this club is awesome. When I first got my Xterra about 4 years ago I had no clue how big the community really was. It wasn't really till I found Paul on TNX that I got my Offroad bug and then it was Tom who gave me the mod bug. From there is was down hill and I pretty much became obsessed. I started the website and from there the ball got rolling. Brian got me here to the group on Facebook and we had our first "re-birth" run shortly after in May 2013. Have like 15 people show up to follow me on this tiny trail (that we got lost on and turned around) was such a boost and helped me get the drive to get this group back into gear. Now after setting up some successful annual events (WAW, FAN day, VAXCtoberfest) I can say I am super grateful to be part and lead such an amazing group. I have to thank everyone that helped along the way: Daniel, Shane, Carrie, Rob, Tom, Paul, and everyone else who has been there.

It's been 4 years now and I do think it's time to let someone else drive. Effective January 1st 2017 I am stepping down from leadership. The current team and I will work to get some new people in the open roles and the members of the current team will help guide them. So at this point, if you are interested in potentially becoming more involved in the VAXC and are a Virginia resident, please be sure to reach out and let me know. I want to make sure the best team possible is set up to get driving this club forward for the years to come.

Thank you all!
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