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Which is it?

I'm trying to install a power steering filter and it says:
"Cut the PS return hose from the steering gear to the power steering pump"

When I look at the FSM power steering chapter, it says the return hose is the one that attaches to the metal piping which then goes to the cooler in front of the radiator, behind the grill.

Is that the case? If so, I don't see how it goes from the gear to the pump..

I had a look at and it looks like yes, that is the return hose..the one that goes straight down off the PS reservoir, not the shorter "S" shaped (and larger) hose.

So if that's the line..Is the fluid moving towards the reservoir or away from it? My inclination is that it's moving from the reservoir towards the I right?

If so, can I just put the filter inline anywhere along that hose?

Sorry for the noob questions!

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