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Piston Size

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I am into my engine and am having trouble finding engine specs. Does anyone have the cylinder bore size on a 2005 4.0 engine? I have checked and it shows 3.740" or 95.0 mm but the information I have accessed shows it should be 95.5 mm. The piston has D 05 EA2 and RC 72 stamped on top. Want to order parts and be sure my motor has or has not had work done to it in the past.

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Photo of piston, and the damage was found because of a head gasket issue when we pulled the heads. Motor ran fine and no excess oil consumption.
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Just rechecked the bore (3.760) and piston (3.754) so I assume the engine is standard bore size. Thanks for the measurements (Just a Hunter) I will now be able to order the parts necessary to put the engine back together. Looked at doing the heads locally but found some completed with cams and felt that would be the best way to go. Will be replacing all the cam chain parts and any other items that show signs of fatigue.

By chance does anyone know the torque on the rod and head bolts?
I like the idea of the engine exchange but would ask for help on where to look for a good used engine. In my area I have only found engines with high mileage, so I would still be pulling the front cover off and replacing components. That will add to the cost of an engine exchange. My engine does have some minor cylinder scoring but had 165# of compression, in line with the other cylinders. After pricing out the parts needed I will be into this motor approximately $2,400.00.

I appreciate the incite from the members, it helps with making good decisions!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts