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pics of an 06 Granite OR

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The dealership cannot find me a Night Armor MT OR but they can get a Granite MT OR from another dealership. Does anybody have a good pic of that color? I have not seen one yet. Thanks
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Spicoli said:
Not the best pics, but it is all I had. The thing I really like about the color is it doesn't ever look dirty. It looks clean for months. It hides all the scratchs from trees (4 wheeling) very well. I have been super happy wiht the color... but I also just like the looks of it as well.

first photo was from a early April, the last 2 are from 3 weeks ago.


I have a MT OR Granite, 2006
285/75-16 BFGs
Shrock works sliders
all else is stock

spicoli, i have the exact same truck, color and all. do you have any problems with the front tires rubbing at all with that bigger size you have? can you turn the wheel all the way and move w/o scraping?
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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