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pics of an 06 Granite OR

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The dealership cannot find me a Night Armor MT OR but they can get a Granite MT OR from another dealership. Does anybody have a good pic of that color? I have not seen one yet. Thanks
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That looks great I think I like that color better than the Night Armor. What size tires do you have and do you have any lift? Thanks for the info.
Thank you all for the information and pics. I look forward to posting mine as soon as the dealership delivers mine to Reno. I have called today and given the go ahead for the Granite OR. :cheers:
AZ.X.Man said:
Okay... I've always wanted to know this <and I suspect others want to know as well>... exactly WHY do you want a manual transmission?
This will be my daily driver as well as my weekend warrior machine so I would prefer the manual. I have always rowed my own gears, I prefer to use a manual transmission over the put it in gear and forget it approach.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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