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pics of an 06 Granite OR

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The dealership cannot find me a Night Armor MT OR but they can get a Granite MT OR from another dealership. Does anybody have a good pic of that color? I have not seen one yet. Thanks
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:clown: --A caterpillar???

--Hell, I'll bet they got more options then we do!!!

--SHROCKbearers unite--

- :drunken: :drunken: --JIMBO
:clown: Well to make a short story on MT vs Auto--

--I've found auto pleasant on rocks and snow---

--I've found MT's make the vehicle more controllable-
--gear chg's optionable
--if batt fails and you're alone--with auto you're sunk, with stick, you're on the road again--
--I have repaired and juryrigged a stick off-road--can't with the auto--
--extreme descent is controllable with stick, not quite so much with auto--
--You can easily tow the stick xterra and NOT the auto--

--nuff said--

-- :drunken: :drunken: --JIMBO
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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