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pics of an 06 Granite OR

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The dealership cannot find me a Night Armor MT OR but they can get a Granite MT OR from another dealership. Does anybody have a good pic of that color? I have not seen one yet. Thanks
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lostboy said:
Spicoli said:
JAdams8239 said:
This will be my daily driver as well as my weekend warrior machine so I would prefer the manual. I have always rowed my own gears, I prefer to use a manual transmission over the put it in gear and forget it approach.
Same here... I prefer to have control over my vehicle. One only reason I didn't even look at the toyota 4 runner is it only comes in auto, which is typically a major eliminator for me when picking cars.
I like manual transmission because I pay a lot more attention to the road. With an auto I can put it in drive and then not worry about anything else, except wheres my phone, water bottle or that change I put in here the other day (yeah maybe a little ADD). With a manual I have to pay attention to traffic and the roads to be in the correct gear so I don't really mess with anything else.

I also like having that extra gear for a little better mileage on long road trips.

Isn't 1st in a manual geared a little lower than an auto as well?

It boils down to being safer for me and whats safer for me is safer for everyone around me on the road. Although I will admit with a sprained ankle or bum knee it's hard to get to work :blackeye:

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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