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Patiently Waiting Noob

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Hi All,

I'm a Noob from Limerick, PA and am patiently waiting for the lease on my Maxima to expire so I can order an X. I've had a love/hate relationship with the X. I had one of the first 2000 X SE, MT to hit the dealers back in October 99. I loved the space and the utility but found it underpowered on highway. After about 18 months, I finally made the move to a Maxima and have been there ever since. Now that if moved northwest of where I used to live, I find the weather in that area a bit crazy now and need somthing that will get me thourgh. Plus, add a kid and his passion for swimming and I end working like a load master for SEAL Team heading out for sneak-n-peaks.

I didn't completely abandon the X. We bought a 2003 X for my wife because she liked my 2000 so much. She's not quite the speed demon I am, but loves to put the box in 4x4 and go.

After consulting with my local dealer, I'm in a holding pattern until early December until I can order an X to meet my needs. I'm thinking a 2007 OR, MT loaded in Midnight Blue. I drove a MT last week and was pretty impressed compared to my 2000 MT. I may get lucky and get some lease forgivness from Nissan which may spead this up, but chances are I'll probobly get caught in the 2007 switch over. So, here I am, just waiting and reading.....
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Good things come to those who wait!

Welcome to the forum.
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