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So the X has 99,980 miles on it, and I have been on a parts rampage for the past week or so, I am not doing a lift, just replacing what is there prior to a failure, last thing i want to happen is to tow the trailer to disney and get stuck with 2 upset kids and one angry wife

I did the 5100's all around, and purchased the firestone ride-rite airbag kit as i now have 2 kids and will be towing high-lo towlite 22t ( UVW of 3332 and HW of 490, GVWR of 5500 (2,100 lb CCC, and i dont see myself coming close to that number) it my dad's so were trying it out I am more inclined to an E2 or E3 as I can park that at the house but anything bigger has to go to a stoage lot.

I also purchased a Tekonsha p3 and I am getting ready to have a long day working on the x...

so I noticed in the tech spec/ torque guide about replacing hardware when replacing shocks and such, wondering how many of you did that or if you just re used the old hardware?

I have read most of the posts on the how to's and such and have started the regimen of PB blaster on a daily basis, airbags are due in today
plan to do the work friday with my dad at his house as he has air tools galore... any tips/ tricks are appreciated
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