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Painting the stock side steps black...

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Has anyone done this yet? My Xterra came with the nerf bars, and while I would like to upgrade to the shrockwork sliders, I won't be doing that anytime soon.

Here's my vision. Use an outside coating to hit the bars with a non-reflective, non-glossy black paint. Then they will be all black. Any comments? Any suggestions for exterior paint that will be rugged and not flake off with regular use? Worst comes to worst: paint flakes off and makes my bars look crummy and I buy the shrock. :cheers:
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I would try the Rust-Oleum Hammered. It's got a texture to it.

It's easy to remove all the brackets and step pads to paint.
Yeah, it looks pretty easy to remove the steps and pads. Just kinda wondered what I should hit it with and if anyone else has attempted this maneuver.
I painted mine black to match the rest of the truck, I'm going to try to use herculiner on the steps (and on the rear/side steps) pretty soon too.
i'd bed liner them.. To bad you live on the wrong coast, i'd do yours just to see how they would turn out :(
make sure you post lots of pic I may try this mod my self . I just did some Hella 500s over the weekend and will be posting on that in the next day or two.
Sorry I lagged on the response guys.

You know what? I'm not gonna paint them black afterall. :bounce:
Reason being: my car is Midnight Blue and all the other trim inside and out is grey. I was gonna paint them black when I was considering gettin' the shrockworks bumper in black. But then I realized it'd look so much cooler in grey.

Just ordered it!
5 weeks of patience will!
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