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So this year I started having the "Service Engine Soon" (Check Engine) light pop on and off when I go to Death Valley. The most recent trip the light popped on just as I arrived at the Racetrack after 27 miles of dirt driving. It stayed on for some time until a week after I was back in the city it went off on its own. As soon as I went to leave the city again it came on. I got an UltraGauge so I could read the code and silence it (and get useful gauges like distance to empty and MPGs).. "Vent control valve failure" is the code. When getting an oil change I had the dealer check it out. They ended up keeping the Xterra for an extra day and replaced the Vent Control Valve Assembly, Filter Canister and Canister Assembly. I wasn't charged for any of it. They said it was "severely clogged with dust." Kinda makes sense after my many, many trips into DV.

I think others here have had similar issues with the Check Engine light and dust with slightly different codes. Is this something I can somehow keep clean myself? They said they had to lower the spare tire to get up in there.
Anyway, my X is all back and clean and happy again, and that makes me happy. The rental Nissan Rogue left a lot to be desired after driving my Pro 4X for so long, though I liked the newer electronics. The 2011 electronics in mine were really outdated for 2011 in 2011 and are even more archaic now.

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