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About a month ago my Nissan Xterra 2006 180k miles began having a misfire on my way home from work and my SES light blinking. Sometimes it will stay on but not blink. I’ve noticed that it usually begins blinking again when I come to a stop then begin to accelerate again. I borrowed a code reader from a friend and got the P0305 code. Today I finally got time to get my car out and try to figure out the cause of the misfire. We began with changing my spark plug and coil in cylinder 5. It seemed to help some but the issue did not go away, but the code did. We popped the hood and saw that the coil in cylinder 6 was loose. So we replaced that and the spark plug in that cylinder.
The issue is still happening but now the code is a P0300. Random or unidentified cylinder misfire, and then the car started shaking again how it did before replacing anything.
I am fixing this car to sell.
Ideas we’ve had- cam shaft (has been replaced in the last year however), O2 sensor, and replacing all coils and spark plugs. However I am not trying to spend a fortune on fixing this as I am selling the car after and have already spent a decent amount already and don’t want to keep taking shots in the dark.
I have a very trusted mechanic who is a close family friend working with me on my car however I am just learning and he doesn’t work on Nissans often if ever.
Is it worth fixing? Should I just sell as is to another buyer (of course letting them know what’s up), should I keep guessing? If anyones experienced this and has any idea please help!
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