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Username: OverlandX

Location: Augusta, Maine

Make: Nissan
Year: 2010
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Navy Blue

Background Comments: Started to wheel 12 years ago, And have evolved into overlanding in the Northeast. (Mostly the North Maine woods) And camping with the family. I have had many and built many different 4x4 vehicles.

I Bought the Xterra Nov16th 2013. After trading in my Dakota (CapCamper) Because of a 2nd child on the way and the Xcab Not fitting an infant seat.

The build plan is to set up the suspension to be a great onroad/offroad set up. Something smooth on the road, But can really handle the bump's/wash boards when offroad. With the 2nd child on the way on 5/2/2014, I put off the big suspension purchases like redoing the whole front until 2015. And just did the simple spacer/shackle for now.


- Tire 285/75/16 Gladiator QR900 MT
- Rims blacked out

- Front 2.5" Spacers
- Rear PRG (?) 2" Shackles
- Rear Bilstien 5125 (3-4")

- DDM tuning HID headlights Hi/Lo (6000k)
- Rear Rocky Mtn. Recovery points
- Front recovery hook

- Single Din Bluetooth HU
- BearCat 680 CB, mounted underneath the HU, in stock double din Location, Hooked to a 3' Firestick, And antenna Hatch Mount
- 300 Watt Power Inverter
- TomTom GPS (Hard Mounted)

-Airbox mod
-K&N Air filter

- Tsunami 1050 Air Compressor Converted for OBA Set up for air up tires.

What I want:
- Full Titan Swap
- M226 with e-locker
- SAW setup with resi's
- DepHep Rack
- DepHep Sliders
- 2" Body lift
- 30-40" Light bar
- 35's



-With lift and tires

Now with Blacked out rim's


137 Posts
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TJM extended travel set up with 1" Top spacer, And HD Springs. The HD springs will ride a little ruff with all stock weight, But I did this in prep's for an aftermarket bumper this winter.And then will ride smooth.
After I get these I will be saving up for Adjustable/longer upper control arm's
After these and the arm's I will buy a Dakar Add a Leaf set up to bring the already sagging rear springs back up to stock with an additional 1-1.5"s of lift with my 2.5" Lift shackles

I also Built a awning for the truck
First I used these

As Shown in this video here

As found here at this thread on expedition portal.

This is the awning finished.

This is all rolled up and ready to go.

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