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Overhead Video System

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Has anyone installed an overhead video system in their X? Do you think it's do-able? I cringe :evil4: at the thought of cutting into the headliner. I want to do it for the kids but I'm torn between that and configuring something in the back that will hold my laptop.
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Man the guys at the shop told me that in Ohio at least it can't be visible to other vehicles while driving. So overhead and headrests are out... Unless they lock out with the car in drive. Or only work when in park you might say. They said anything below the bottom of the windows can play. Here, they can get a fine for installing it in a customers car improperly so they know. Check the local laws for sure.

I like the Arm rest Idea. There is also plenty room in the backs of the front seats, that way you are only out a seat cover that can be replaced.

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