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Overhead Video System

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Has anyone installed an overhead video system in their X? Do you think it's do-able? I cringe :evil4: at the thought of cutting into the headliner. I want to do it for the kids but I'm torn between that and configuring something in the back that will hold my laptop.
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Dude, have you considered busting video monitors in the back headrests? That's relatively inexpensive. Or even better, buy one of those 7-10" portable DVD players and rig it up to your armrest in the center console. That way they can see everything that's going on and you can concentrate on driving. That's another cheap idea.

If you're still thinking about having it fold down from the ceiling. It's cool, but it's gonna cost you for sure.
Damn, drop down monitors Playboy? That'd be pretty sick. Are you going to have cable/internet installed too?

Bluzfan, peep this site out dude, it will give you some more info if you want a laptop setup in your ride:

I still think it's kinda pricy ($169) I could buy a 8" DVD player and fit it in the armrest and strap it down with velcro or a tie. It should fit in there pretty snug without anything though. My main concern would be sound quality. If you're gonna have it played through stock speakers on the player (weak), have an audio line out jack to speakers (better) or wireless headphones for your kids (best), if you don't want to hear their Barney tape playing for hours, you can still listen to music while driving. Was that a run on sentence or what?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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