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Username: orco59 (#2519)
Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Transmission: 6-speed Manual
Color: Desert Stone

Latest Photo: elephant hill May 2011

- PRG UCA and 2" coilovers-front
- PRG AAL, shackles and Bil shocks-back
- 285/75/R16 BFG AT tires
- stealthed OR rims (all 5)
- Gobi stealth rack/ladder/struts/roof mounts
- Hella 550 lights; inner - clear driving, outer - yellow fog
- KC backup lights on roof
- OTRATTW rocker switches
- relocated VDC switch
- Auxiliary Blue Sea Fuse Box
- Shrock front bumper
- Warn 8000 winch
- Shrock sliders
- Shrock skids (full pack, rattle canned green)
- Shrock rear bumper
- hood rod mod
- rear diff breather mod
- Midland 1001Z CB radio and 3' whip antenna on front bumper
- 2 way radio with mag mount on roof
- Volant CAI with AEM cone filter
- Coverking seat covers (front)
- extended stainless brake lines
- speed bleeders
- melt mod
- DieHard P1-34 battery
- upgraded front sway links

- 48" Hi-Lift mounted on rack
- shovel on rack
- Tsunami compressor
- Raingler half-barrier net and floor net
- Raingler roof net
- roof mounted storage box
- recovery gear
- stickers

- factory rails
- factory emblems
- mud flaps
- rear sway bar
- cheap switches for roof lights
- Daystar 2" lift
- OR coilovers
- OR rear shocks
- OEM air filter
- Cobra 75 WXST CB (broke at Moab)
- maXTERRA rear bumper

Waiting to install:
- rock lights

Wish List:
- diff and clutch survival

got it used, Feb 09

new sliders, April 09

some trail shots
near Estes Park

in South Park

by Imogene Pass, fall 09

by Rollins Pass

by Rampart Range (w/ CB antenna), fall 09

spring break trip to Moab, March 10

day after the new bumper, May 10

goneMOAB9, TOTW, May 10

goneMOAB9, May 10

Jenny Lake, Rollins Pass, TOTM Oct 2010

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Way to go on your first post ~ now we are waiting for them pictures!

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Ok, Ok
I was just too happy to get this that I had to post.
Now there's a couple of pictures.

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Nice looking X!! The stealth with no badges rules. BTW, if that is Night Armor, I really need to adjust my monitor:dontknow:
Hey, I was up in Duluth last weekend. Found the X before the trip and had to wait until I returned to close the deal. At least the weather was good.

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looking good.

are your wheels bed lined? painted? powder coated?
Don't know, need to find out. they look powder coated

nice X...what kind of lights do you have up on that GOBI? what are the HELLA specs?
Don't know here too. the covers say 550
man, there is so much I need to find out. :tard:

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Nice shot!!!! You picked the best weather we have had all year. Do you come up here on a regular basis?
used to live there when I was younger. Had to go back for a funeral.

Was the former owner also a member here?...did u find the truck through this forum?
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I will ask him if he belonged to the forum; I found the truck on craigs list.
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