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Should I get the OR badges because I'm half way there?!

OR Badges

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So after talking with Ponyboy the other night I've decided to throw this out there as a poll.

Today I'm receiving the front and rear axle of his OR and going to put it on my S (First Locked S baby!). Along with his Bilsteins too! I'll be short the wheels (thanks to koko) and the hill decent control.

Does this make it close enough to buy the OR badges and put them on?
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So, I have the OR badges on my S. I am actually picking up OR Rims next weekend.
I have a lift, I have 33" MT tires, sliders, truck tampon, I don't have a locker or the Stereo upgrade. I wheel and not just on a gravel road.

What do I not have on my truck that is different than the OR besides the stereo and the locker?
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