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Hello all..
First, let me say I'm new here. You have an awesome site, and truthfully I have been lurking for sometime enjoying the posts and getting great information.
I have an '05 SE and I want to replace the rubber. The BFG Long Trails still have great tread, but I want a more aggressive look and something that will perform well in the winter. I would have preferred an Off Road model, but this truck was a great deal and I couldn't pass it up. I LOVE my Xterra, by the way. This is my first truck, having driven sport stuff previously. (last car an '04 Infiniti G35 Coupe, 6spd, Brembo's etc) Life changes (divorce, 3 kids) made it necessary for me to get something with more space, good looking, sporty, with the ability to go up north to the cottage and skiing in the winter.
I have read the numerous posts regarding this topic, and I have a couple of ideas, and I wanted to run them by the board.
It seems that 265/70/17 is a good size to replace the 65 series rubber, and is available in numerous makes and doesnt seem to have negatives (clearance issues)aside from the speedo being out slightly. I would like the 275/70's, but they aren't as readily available.
Tire Rack is a great resource for reviews, as well as opinions here. If I stayed with the 65 series tires, I had pretty well decided on Bridgestone Revos. I like the look of the Firestone Destination A/T's as well, but I read on Tire Rack about a few instances of difficulty getting a good balance. I wonder if the enourmous popularity and #1 rating at Tire Rack has more to do with the very reasonable pricing of this tire. Switching to the 70 series tires allows me to go to the BFG All Terrain TA. I love the look of this tire, and it sure is highly regarded and rated at Tire Rack (and here, it seems), but is rated lower than the Revo. The Revos are available in 65 and 70 series, as are the Firestones. I've also decided, based on reading here to go for LT load rated tires.
So after my long winded story, my question is, after the folks here have actually driven on, and lived with these tires for a period of time, which tires does the board prefer?? I'm not loaded by any means, but I don't mind spending a couple hundred bucks more to get the best. My driving style is NOT sedate, but I don't do anything stupid.
I'm up in Toronto, Canada. We don't get huge amounts of snow in the winter, (but the three or four big snowstorms we do get can be BIG) and I do not off road, so I guess I'm a bit of a poseur here, but I love the truck and want it to have a more "off roadish" look. I love the wheels on the Off Road, but I have to live with what I have.
Thanks in advance for the opinions!
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