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Out of curiosity and necessity, I've started to research what's new in regards to brake pads.

Yes, I'm a long time follower of the rotors and pad topic which can be found here

I'm also aware of the popularity of the Raybestos EHT pads.

Nevertheless, it's good to actually see how well one product performs against another in a reasonably organized comparison.

When it comes to automotive maintenance test's, I'm not surprised to see "oil" being hugely popular .
What surprised me is how few brakepad comparative tests the net offers.

Besides the advertised manufacturers test which simply say their product beats the competition, I found no head to head tests which document how well one brakepad performs vs another.

Aside from consumer reports, I've not seen anyone posting a head to head vs multi brand review of todays available brake pad choices.

If you have come across a good site in which to view this info, please feel free to share.
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