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Hi, I am Chase and I am an LED addict. During my addiction I have been getting a lot of questions about my setup; which size lights are the stocks, what size LEDs do I need, where to get them, etc. Thought I would make an all-inclusive type deal for all such queries. Next to the specs is the link to the V-LEDS online store w/ examples, prices, etc. So, here goes...

Front running/turn signals
3457 (amber, and are interchangeable w/ 3157)

Rear turn signals
3156 (red)

Tail lights
3157 (red)

License plate
168 (white)

Reverse lights
921 (white)

Front sidemarkers
194 (amber)

Dome/map lights
DE3175/3175 (several color choices)
White - or
Red -
Blue -

Load resistors
These are needed to stop the rapid-click turn signal from installing the turn signal LED bulbs.

These are specs for my 2005 but I am 99.99% sure they are the same for all models '05+. You use the same size/classification as the stock lights as you do for the LEDs! For example, the reverse light bulb is 921 and requires a 921 LED bulb - too easy.

Stock bulb specs

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---How To Install Interior LED Dome Lights---

Front map lights, HID white 9-LED bulbs from V-LEDS (

The housing simply pops out, like so.

Next, unplug the wiring harness.

Then you will need to remove the outer plastic casing by popping off the four gray tabs along the outside.

And also pop off the clear plastic clips holding the covers on.

This is not what the stock bulbs look like, these are the 12-LED strips from Cynicroute and his XterraMods site.

These are the 9-LED bulbs replacing the 12-LED strips.

Remove old bulbs and pop in new LEDs. Be sure to test fit by plugging wiring harness in after inserting new LEDs, they are polarity-specific and if they do not turn on then they simply need to be turned around!

Pop the clear plastic covers back on as well as the outer gray plastic housing.

And, voila! Let there be (LED) light!

---How to Install Rear Passenger & Cargo LED Dome Lights---

These LED's are the HID white 16-LED bulbs from V-LEDS (

Much like the front lights... Use a screwdriver or knife tip to pop off the plastic cover.

There are two screws to undo (phillips head).

Pop out housing and remove wiring harness.

Remove old bulb and insert new LED's.

Again, be sure to test them (re-plug the wiring harness in before re-assembling everything.) to make sure they do not need to be swapped around. BUT, if you test them and you see this, a very faint glow...

DO NOT WORRY! I thought I had duds (again) but once you screw everything back in it lights up as normal. The screws must act as a sort of grounding or something. It should look *bling* like this once it is all back together.

Reassemble the housing (plug the wiring harness in, screw the two screws back in, and pop the plastic housing on). Here is your finished result.

The same goes for the rear cargo dome, exact same directions for install as rear passenger dome.

---How to Install Resistors---

When swapping out your front AND rear turn signals for LED's, you will need to install a 3 ohm resistor. If only doing the fronts or only the rears, a 6 ohm resistor will do the trick. This will solve the blown fuses and rapid-blinking issues. Since there is more free space to get your hands on to the necessary wiring in the rear taillights, I recommend going this route. Very simple install - wire tap one end of the resistor to the black negative wire and tap the other end to the green positive wire. Should look like this...

---How to Install Front Side Marker LED Lights---

These are the 194 amber LED bulbs from V-LEDS, here:

Pop open hood and go to light housing area, the bulb is very noticeable and accessible, seen here on the bottom right.

Twist counter-clockwise and pull out harness.

New LED bulb.

Old (L) vs. new (R).

Insert new LED bulb (same deal goes; if it doesn't light up then just pull out and re-insert the other way).

Re-insert new bulb/housing by twisting clockwise and, voila!

SMT X5 high-power side-markers

New SMT high-power bulb compared to old standard SMT bulb

Installed pic

Front running/turn signal LED

After a long time of blowing fuses and/or rapid clicker, I FINALLY realized my problem... or X's require a SACK Type front LED bulb. You can get it here, like I did -

Installed pics

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Just installed these interior replacements. Impressive.

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Installed these tonight. 1400 lumen advertised.

New LED in the left position, old incandescent in the right. The pic really doesn't do the performance of the LED justice, I picked up significant illumination off to the side of the LED.

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