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One more mod down... many more to go

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Okay guys, I finally put my TC UCA's on. I have to say thanks to goXJ (dynamix)... or at least i think it was him. Because he sold his UCA's to Lifeinthesouth. And he regifted them to me. So i got some used ones but they look just as good.

I have one thing to add to the write up that grunzen posted. If you remove the protective plastic that is inside of the wheel well before you take off the old UCA's it makes life alot easier. (just one little tip)
Here is the write up if you want to see it

Okay here are the pics. I dont have any pics with my tires on because it was nighttime before i finished

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There is no cotter pin or safety wire to keep the nut going through the spindle from backing off?
You know... I never checked. I feel like an idiot now. I know i took one off, so it would make sense to add one. I will check that out STAT!!

Thanks for the info.
I have another question. On the pictures in the write up one of the spacers on the spindle wasnt used. Since it WAS included in the box i got (and on the instructions) i added it. Does this make a difference, and should i remove it.

Here is a pic of mine

Here is a pic of goXJ's (dynamix)
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up one of the spacers on the spindle wasnt used.
It was used but it looks like you have it upside down... it's the spindle taper and should slide down into the top of the spindle; may take a little persuasion!

About the cotter... none needed. The new ones use a locking nut but it's always good check everything again after a few days of driving for torque.
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheers: :cheers:
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