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Aye check your diff fluids/tranny etc. Also, keep an eye out for the dreaded whining sound aka timing chain tensioner. Just had mine done last week at just a little past 50K miles.

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Probably because the original thread spelled transmission as "transmittion", lol. But heres a link to the thread:

To concise, here's what I pulled from the thread:

"Fluid change is pretty scary at first, but actually pretty easy:

Drain the fluid, put in about 6 quarts of new fluid though the measuring dip stick.

Then look in the lower front cowling in the upper left hand corner of the cowling, you will see the transmission cooler with a hose hooked to the lower left corner of the cooler, Pull the hose and stick a drain hose on to the cooler and put the other end of the hose into a gallon jug.

Turn on engine, watch the jug fill up, when it is full, pour in 4 more quarts of new fluid into the transmission, turn on engine, watch fluid until it turns nice and red, shut off engine, add fluid until full, put hose back onto the cooler, drive around the block, checkfluid again and you are done, pretty darn easy!


Self service tranny flush and fill:

1. Remove Plug and drain 6 quarts, or however much comes out of pan.
2. Insert plug and remove stud holding tranny dipstick on passenger side.
3. Immediately refill with same amount of fresh fluid in dipstick hole with narrow funnel.
4. Get suitable size container under tranny cooler return hose at metal line under oil filter
and disconnect.
5. Start vehicle (by attendant) and let run until approx 2 quarts comes out at return
hose. (mentioned above)
6. Immediately stop engine, carefully pinch off hose with vise-grip and note amount in
suitable container. (mentioned above)
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all 12 quarts have been poured in system.
8. Retach hose to tranny return line, skid pan and stud to attach dipstick."

I went with the steps from the first set of directions, did a complete drain/flush/fill.
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