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Alright, I finally have figured out I am not just going crazy.

I noticed this a month ago, but though maybe something was weird or I had hit the button and didn't realize it. But the digital clock that displays on the stock deck in my truck is working on it's own time zone. Everything else works just fine, the deck has no issues besides the clock.

What I mean is this: So say it is 3pm, I will look over and it will say 1:45pm. If I shut the truck off, go into a store, come back and in real time it is only 3:20pm, the clock will now say 4pm. Now I know I call the truck the MX and all, but I know there is no way it slipped into hyperspace or a blackhole while I was in Kroger for 20 mins.

Has anyone else seen or experienced this? In their Xterra or any other vehicle because this is completly new to me.
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