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OBDII Scanner - SRS / Airbag

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ANyone have a recommendation for a scantool that can read and reset airbag codes/lights?
Would be nice to see other data as well, but not critical. (trans temps, O2, etc.)

I'm not really into bluetooth units, or big tablet looking units that are boggy. My budget is around $100, prefer less obviously, but will go $125 if that's what it costs.

I browsed amazon, and I just cant tell what a good brand is. There's so many.

What's simple, reliable, has a cable, and isn't big? Looking to diagnose airbag system after I make some repairs.
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If you want something cheap, look into the Launch brand on amazon. Not sure which models, if any that read SRS around the $100-$125 price point. I have one around the $200 point that does all that and pretty much everything else you'd ever need it to. It does the job, but at $200 it's rather slow.
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This one "seems" good. Has a $30 off instant coupon too when i check the box.
Just am not familiar with any brands. I've only ever used my harbor freight $11 basic one for CEL's and I/M
This one doesn't look too bad. I have a couple but the one I use most is my Launch CRP123e. It's just under $200 on sale on amazon right now. I like it because it's wifi compatible so I can download updates, email diagnostic reports, and purchase/subscribe to full function features from their mall. Most people won't need most of the features found behind the paywall either. Most of that stuff will be things found on specialty scan tools and dealer equipment but it's nice to have access to it if you need it at some point.

Here's the link. It's super cheap right now!
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Has a $20 code, so it is closer to $100. I got that one to reset the SAS because everytime I disconnect the battery, the VDC and Slip LEDs come on. I found out after disconnecting the battery to replace my clockspring, which was the original problem. I solved both issues with the scanner.
It is kind of slow, but it gets the job done.
I can vouch for the Foxwell as well! It'll get the job done.
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Dang, there’s some good sales right now on these.
Thanks for the input.
Autel, launch, foxwell all seem like good options
I just saw that you're in Westminster? I'm in Garden Grove if you ever want to try out my Launch Scan tool.
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