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Can anyone make some recommendations for specific models of OBD scanners/readers? I would like to purchase the hardware and software needed to read diagnostic codes as well as sensor values and clear fault codes. I currently have and Xterra and a Mazda CX-7 (2011) though it would be nice to accommodate other vehicles.

I have looked at the OBD scanners sold at the autoparts stores (Autel, Innova, Actron, Craftsman). Looking through this forum and doing internet searches, I have also uncovered a bunch that seem to be based on the ELMScan modules (see below).

Some of the posts on this forum indicate that the Nissan Consult-II sytem is the only way to get access to many of the sensor values and "advanced functions". If this is true, I would think that I would be better off saving my money and just getting a basic scanner.

ELMSCAN 5, OBDLink, OBDLink Bluetooth, OBDLink S, OBDLink SX and OBDLink wifi

Dyno-Scan for Windows and Dyno-Scan for Android

Kiwi, Kiwi 2 Bluetooth and Kiwi 2 wifi

Scan XL and Scan XL Pro

OBDKey USB, OBDKey Bluetooth and OBDKey wifi

Torque software package

Thanks in advance for your help.

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