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Intro Comments: I thought I would start a build thread as I love reading about everyone's experiences as they customize their X's. I've learned a lot both what to and what not to do. Though my experiences will generally be the same as others you might gain a nugget hear and there. (Thanks everyone!)

I picked up my lovely 2012 Lava Red P4X here in the Seattle area with 24500K; bone stock and fresh from the Great White North. The speedo/odo had been legally/legitimately converted from Metric to US standard during the import process so miles are correct though not listed in KM. The rear suspension was worn out to the point when my man-child son rode in the back seat I'd impact the bump stops on speed bumps. Aside from that, everything was awesome!

The family named the X, Weasley. We tried all sorts of names but nothing seemed to fit right. Since Lava Red really isn't red nor is it orange but more of a "ginger" color and being my family is huge Harry Potter fans.

Username: NWCoffeeGuy
Xterra Nickname: Weasley

Make: Nissan
Year: 2012
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Lava Red

Transmission: 5 Speed AT
Mileage: October 2017 (My purchase date) - 24,500 miles
Location: Western Washington

Packages: Rockford Fosgate Audio, PRO-4X Carpet Mats


OME CS061R Rear Springs
OME 2608 Front Coil Springs
OME 90003 Nitrocharger Sport Front Struts
OME 60017 Nitrocharger Sport Rear Shocks
OME SB100 Spring Bushing Kit
OME Greaseable Shackle Kit

2011 PRO-4x Stock Wheels
LT265/75/16 Dean Tires Back Country AT

Rear differential breather valve relocate
Doug Thorley Headers (Part# THY-470-C)
Doug Thorley Mid-pipes (ITEM #: 83206-B)

Hefty Fabworks Aluminum front bumper
Hefty Fabworks Aluminum Skids (full set minus rad skid)


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DT Header Replacement

Had to replace my stock manifold as the flange weld between the manifold and the primary cat broke on the passenger side. I did a lot of research (hopefully the right stuff) and opted for the Doug Thorley headers and the mid-pipes.

First of all, I would have loved to tackle this project at the local DIY shop but I have been "told" by an experienced wrench that I could possibly warp my valves by driving without the exhaust attached. I love my little X and don't want to risk any further damage so this project is in my driveway.

Day 1 -
Spent Easter day shopping at Harbor Freight for new tools and a jack with enough reach to lift Weasley.
Removed the various parts and pieces to access the passenger side manifold.
Cut up the heat shield and tossed it out
Removed the necessary armor to access underneath
Soaked the manifold bolts and the with PB Blaster
Then the rain came down.

Day 2 -
Unboxed my new impact gun and with the help of a wobble extension, straight extension, and swivel I removed the nuts on the manifold.
Spent about an hour trying to gingerly disconnect 3 of the 4 O2 sensors. Managed to break a bit off one connector but I think it will be fine.
Attempted to remove the bolts at the south end of the "B" pipe. Using my trusty new Harbor Freight 1/2" ratchet I broke one off. The other decided to cooperate and it came off without too much fuss.
Realized I needed to separate the "B" pipe from the cat to remove the piece. PB Blaster to the rescue. Those two nuts came off ok. Used a 1/2" ratchet there as well.
Visual inspection of the primary cat looks good. No dust, or other particulate.

Day 3 -
Pulled the wheel well apart and removed the heat shield. I used the impact gun on the top two bolts but had a hard time getting the socket/swivel onto the bottom bolt. I was able to get my 1/2" socket and ratchet behind the suspension and removed the bottom bolt without a hitch. I was able to work the shield up through the top instead of having to cut it up to remove it. It was a lot less effort and took about an hour in total. You will want to disconnect the O2 sensor and move the harness mount out of the way if you decide to work the heat shield up and out.
After pulling the heat shield out, I treated all the manifold/cat/"B" pipe bolts with PB Blaster and called it a day on this project. Since it went so smoothly, I decided to install the hood lift mod.

To be continued...


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Hood Strut Mod

I ordered the Hood Strut kit off Ebay a couple weeks ago.

Finally installed today. It was soo quick and easy. I don't know why Nissan didn't just do this from the factory.
My wife especially liked the No dill, No effort installation.
Thanks to Allshookup for the initial writeup.


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No dill!!!!
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