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Username: norshor

Make: Nissan
Year: 2006
Model: Xterra
Trim: X
Color: Night Armor


PRG Radflo 2.0
Deaver Mini Pack
Energy Suspension Bump Stops on lower control arms
Maxxis Bighorn 255/85/16
Factory X Steelies

Amsoil Airfilter
Smittybilt XRC 8
Optima Red Top group 34
Magellan Crossover GPS
Midland 75-822
Firestik 2'
Firestik in-channel mount
Yakima Basketcase
Quick Fist Shovel holders
ProComp X11 lights
OR Door Trim
Rear Breather
Nissan Factory Hitch
Camping Lab Awning
Gobi Ladder
Modified Yakima X-Tower Hi-Lift Jack mounts
Norcold 60 ltr Fridge/Freezer
6 Pelican 1500's
Bucket Boss Tool Rolls(Filled)
Mountainsmith Cubes and Gear organizers
MV-50 Compressor
Vigg Designs Blackout

Built: Trailgear Sliders, Custom Front Bumper and Skid
Future Projects: Make some Full skids, Rear Bumper, Lightbar and maybe a roofbasket
Need to Finish/Install: Add Backup Lights, Optima Yellowtop, Limblifters
Norshor's Projects: Bumper Build, Slider Build, Cargo Shelf with HiLift mount, Camping Lab Awning


Poor thing never saw it coming, Tires and a Rack would never be enough. Ha!

You know it's going to be a good day when this is what you wake up to.

HiLift Mount Front

HiLift Mount Rear

Loaded for a trip:

Camping Setup

Norcold 60 on my custom mount

The grab handle actually holds the fridge open. Like it was made for it.

Gobi Ladder and badly stealthed emblems

Expedition Portal UP of Michigan trip

Trailgear Sliders, just after I finished them.

It's done!!

The reason I build what I build

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I used the 58" Trailgear's. You'd have to cut anything else down. The expo trip started in Marquette, and went to the very top of the UP. There is a lonnnggggg thread on Expo about it. I am still digging through pics from that trip last August. You should hit it up this year!!

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dude!!! sweet looking bumper, got more pics?

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Thanks. It took me through some wicked stuff camping north of Grand Marais this weekend. I was getting harrassed by some of my buddies for having so much recovery gear with me, until someone gotta flat. Pulled the compressor out, filled it, plugged and he was back on the road. He thanked me after that.
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