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Anyone going to this, June 15th-17th..
Let me know I am thinking about hitting this one, but there is no way I can take a Brand New X on them trails... My work would kill me!!!

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Hello all,

So we're less than two months from the event, and the early
registration cutoff is coming May 15th. The purpose of this email is
to inform you of any new developments regarding the event as well as
a friendly reminder to register.

**Promotional Video**

We created a short 40 second "commercial" for the event this year
using some footage from last year. This video can be found:

**Trail Leaders**

Group selection will be done in the week preceding the event, if you
want to be a trail leader please contact us early so we can make the
arrangements. Also, trail leaders will have to come earlier to the
parks this year in order to get groups out on the trails as fast as

More info here:

**Runnings as groups**

This year we have a new novel way to create groups so you get to
wheel with who you want to. Don't worry about registering as a group,
just register now and you'll be able to select a group later.

**Registration Changes**

Also there has been a change about registering non-driving minors.
Any guest under the age of 13 that is being accompanied by a parent
does not need to pay the registration fee. Please note any children
in the comment field when registering so we are prepared. We will be
refunding any people who have already paid for any minor under the
age of 13.

**Pint Glasses**

Since we are including shot glasses into the cost of the
registration, we are trying to figure out what type of souvenirs we
should have ready for sale. One idea is pint glasses. These will be
sold at, or very close to cost, making them around $2-3 each. Since
we need to order at least 72 of them, we need to make sure people are
going to purchase them. In order to get people to buy the most
possible, we will most likely have a pricing model as follows: 1
glass - $5, 2 glasses - $7, 4 glasses - $10. The 4 glass package is
actually sold at cost. Though the 1 glass price is fairly high, this
is only to get people to purchase the package deals. This will ensure
we sell as many glasses as possible.

Discuss this topic here:

**Help us promote**

In order to get the word out we would like to enlist people that post
on boards regularly. If you post on any board that does not currently
have any information on the Nor'Easter, we'd love if it you could
post a link to us.
Theres even a prebuilt BB code message that can be found:


Some people have been wondering why we're camping at Red Ridge
regardless of whether Paragon is open or not. For one, the Red Ridge
has one of the nicest campgrounds in the area, with very clean
facilities, a giant pavilion and camp ground store. But besides that,
most of us have been going to Red Ridge for many years, and with
Paragon no longer being close by, they will need what ever support
they can get.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at:
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

-Steve & Jorge

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Is anyone going to this?
Here is all the info:

There is still time to register.
There will be wheeling at Roush Creek on Friday, the new Paragon on Saturday, then a party at RedRidge campgound (right next to the new paragon) on Sat night. Some people will be wheeling sunday as well.
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