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That's right.

It's the 1st monthly meeting of the NOAS - Kentucky Chapter.

Meeting place will be on a revolving schedule, however meeting time will be set as the First Saturday of the month, at 7pm (unless there's a UofL football or basketball game, in which case the time may vary). Next month's meeting time/place shall be determined at each meeting.


Meeting this Saturday evening, October 6th, 7pm, at the Bluegrass Brewing Company on Shelbyville road (near the intersection of Shelbyville Road and Breckinridge Lane).

I'd like to start having monthly meetings to plan for day trips/future events for the KY chapter, in an effort to:

1) Get us offroading more often!
2) Discuss wrenching projects/enlist help
3) Grow our membership ranks!
4) Drink beer.

Also, be thinking of your ideas for November's meeting place. There are several breweries in town, most of which I've never been to, so we need to try 'em all, in my opinion.

I envision chapter meetings being held at different people's work areas, as wrenching days, in the future, as well, but for now (especially since winter is coming soon), we'll just try to focus on the important things (like drinking beer) at our chapter meetings.

Bring your trucks, if they're rolling, and I'll see y'all there!
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