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Nizmo's Tank - Bought a X.... J, ahem, XJ

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Username: Nizmo McLovin
Year: 2010
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off-road 4x4 Auto
Color: White (Avalanche)

Factory Options:
Off-Road Pkg with M226 Elock Rear Axle
Rockford Fosgate 300watt Sound system
Auto trans
3.36 Gear Ratio

Nissan 4.0 DOHC V6
Injen Intake

Weather tech window visors
Tinted windows
Yakima Snowboard racks (seasonal)
Dephep Drop in Roof Rack w/ rear light extension and snowboard rack bar
Raingler Net for Roof rack
Raingler Rack Grab handles (2)
OEM Roof lights with 55w HIDs
Hella 700FF bumper mounted lights with 55w HIDs
Gobi Ladder
285/75/16 Definity Dakota MT on stock OR rims

ARB front bumper
AJ Superquare Sliders
Shrock radiator skid
Hefty Engine Skid
Hefty Trans Skid
Hefty TC Skid
Hefty Gas Tank Skid
BTF Diff cover
Shrock Rear bumper/Tire carrier

Lobo Rack
Droid X windshield mount
CB Radio

Suspension and Axles:

PRG SAW Titan Swap kit
* 2.5" Sway-A-Away Coilovers with remote resivoirs w/ Eibach Springs (13"x650lbs.)
* Titan LCA (stock)
* Titan PRG adjustable UCA (rebuilt 07/28/2011)
* PRG tie-rod extensions
Titan M205 Front Axle (Pre-06' model)
Titan CV Axles (Rock Auto)
Timbren front bumpstops

M226 Elock Rear Axle
2" Wheel Spacers (hub-centric/wheel-centric)
Alcan 3.5" lift Spring Pack, 400lbs. payload over stock
PRG Variable Height Shackle
Radflo 2.0 Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks
Ubolt Flip kit
Timbren Rear bump stops

Comments: This truck did not stay stock for long. I owned a 2006 Nissan frontier 2wd with the nismo package (pictured below) that I heavily modified over time. I beleive my truck was the first truck to use Sway-a-ways on a titan swap. I eventually grew tired of having a 2wd and no real back seats. The Xterra made sense. From there I adapted as much as I could off of the frontier onto the xterra resulting in the Beast of a 2010 you'll see below.

This is how it all started... 2006 Nissan Frontier 2wd Nismo Pkg
Old truck in its prime:

ARB front bumper added

Titan Swap Added

Moab HighLights 05/2011

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Way to ring in 2010. Congratulations!
that Titan swap is gonna fit nicely on that X. lookin forward to it
Congrats! I bought my Xterra on the same day you That's funny my truck came with the tow hitch and I didnt even want it cause I already ordered a Shrock.
nice colour! looking forward to mod pics in the future.
Nice! And do the black headlights come on the OR models now or did you swap 'em out? I know on the '09 it was only the S models I think.
no its just night time pics.... they're silver/chrome actually. Suprised the base models get them and not the OR. who likes chrome anymore? Getting blacked out lights is defitnly going to be one of the first things i do. Nice to know this time i around I dont have to buy an extra set and still bake and paint them, just gotta buy the black ones.

I wonder if nissan noticed how many people did the blacked out light mod and applied it as a oem piece?
Looking forward to the progress.
Awesome X man, good choice of color!
cant wait to see that lift :D
really love's my fav color...(yes I like it more than mine)

If i had to do it all over again...i grab a white OR X....preferably without those micky mouse it would have to be 09 or 08 and lower. (can't remember which)

cant wait to see the TS!!!!
Ya know.... the lights are small but they actually do their job at night while offroading. I thought about selling them and replacing them with a fangers rack but, waste of money when i have perfectly good lights now.

Thanks for all the responses. After having a blue frontier and realizing nissans handicaps when it comes to vehicle paint... white was the only color i would go with.

So as far as the titan swap goes, this is my list of parts:

I have:
Titan LCA's (need to cut sway bar mounts off)
PRG heim UCA's
SAW 2.5" coilover (needs to be revalved for a 4x4 X)
Tierod ext.'s
Stillen drilled rotors
PRG shackle
Fox Bumpstops (doubt I'll use them for this truck but we'll see)

I need:
Ext. R180 Axles or M205 with Titan Axles
AAL 2"
Longer rear shocks (undecided on brand but leaning towards emulsion radflos)
Front and rear ext. brake lines
Beefy Tires of some sort or might just rock the Rugged trails till they die

It adds up quick, looking at around $1200 + SAW rebuild and tires. Havent even made my first payment, hahaha
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^Thats a nice list you have there man. Im so glad to see you got an Xterra. Thats my next vehicle after this Titan is paid for.

As for tires go with a Cooper Stt in a 285/75/16 or KM2's. Or if you really want some different and even more capabilty go for the Toyo m/t's. Thats the best quality tires for Mud and everything you could throw at them. Good luck man!
its going to be either the toyo m/t's or the km2's... but i'm going to get my money out of these tires first. no matter how weird they look on a lifted X.

VDC is a wonderfull thing.... these rugged trail tires were terrible on a frontier, mostly due to no weight in the rear. I once did a complete 360 in the rain while making a slow left turn with my frontier. I havent pushed it but lets just say its pretty hard to slip the rear out in an X with VDC. New found faith in these tires.
Not to take away from your nice new ride, but I'm diggin' the action shot of your old truck in the first pic. How did you like the bumpstops? I've been looking at the different ones between Fox, Light Racing, Ballistic, and the cheaper Daystar Stingers. Just don't know that I could justify the cost over a set of Timbrens.
depends how u drive your truck. i doubt the x is going to see any airtime so ill probally get the timbrens instead of using these fox bumps. but they did help save my coilbuckets on the frontier from heavy abuse
nice truck. you have options when it comes to the rear bumper... maxterra, kma, shrock if you want a tire carrier maxterra, kma, shrock, calmini. cant wait to see it titan swapped.
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