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I’m not a huge fan of chrome on any vehicle and especially on the X as it takes away from the rugged utilitarian look. So I removed all the chrome off the truck including badges. This is the best and easiest way to paint your Nissan burger and lettering.

First remove the badge from the grille being careful not to break the retaining clips off.

Then you need to scuff it up with various grits of sand paper to allow paint to stick and not chip

then paint the badge what ever color you want. ( I just used rustoleum gloss black spray paint and primer)

After the black paint was almost fully dry , I Carefully applied orange (You can get them in almost any color) vinyl lettering that I got from a decal kit sold by D4graphics.

Finally after you’ve got your letting placed, spray the whole thing with high gloss 2K clear coat. The clear coat will dry and harden, protecting the letters from peeling off or fading.That’s all there is to it,badge is ready to go back on the truck. One thing to add is that if you would like the ability to change the color of the lettering, skip the clear coat step which will allow you to peel off the letters and replace them with a different color when ever you want
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