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Newbie from Minnesota (now with a pic)

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hey all, picking up my new rig tomorrow. I have been reading a lot of post and digging up all the dirt I can so hopefully I'll avoid any lame newB questions.

Anyway, Hello
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I just pick up my new rig about 2 hours ago. Woot Woot :geek:

Felt wierd to drive it compared to the ol Jeep, but I am almost certain I will get used to it, you know, by tomorrow at the latest :headbang:
I know none of you know what an xterra looks like :blackeye: so here is a crappy parking lot pic of mine.

Notice the empty lot at my work :angry2:
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goXJ said:
lostboy said:
Notice the empty lot at my work :angry2:
"Ummm, yeah... I'm going to need to you to come to work on Saturday, to finish that report. The two Bobs need it asap."
Luckily I did correct and finish up my TPS reports quickly.

By the way, have you seen my stapler?
Bruzer said:
I hope that is the cleanest you ever have your Xterra.
Whadda ya mean, once I get the 22's spinners on there I will have to keep up the bling bling look :sad3: :puke:

Actually that was less than 24 hours from the dealership. I am not a big fan of tire shine and hopefully she'll get some dirt on 'er in the next month or so when I head off to go camping.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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