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Hello to all Xterra Enthusiasts!

My name is Daniel. I recently bought my 2006 Xterra Off Road from a forum member, but I have been around the community and my buddy’s JOELO rig for over 2 years. I met some of you at the GLX 2011 Xtoberfest run, the NXM2 and the 2013 goneMOAB events. My rig came with a bunch of mods, but I already made a bunch more on my end and have an even bigger bunch in my wish list.

Here are some pics of how it is looking so far:

Some quick personal info:

  • I am 34 years old.

  • I am originally from the west coast of Puerto Rico.

  • I have been living in Illinois for the last 12 years.

  • I am married with 2 daughters (9 and 1).

  • I am an IT Application Developer working for a major insurance company (one of my specialized skills is video streaming).

  • As you can probably deduct by the way my rig's look, my other hobby is fishing.

I am looking forward to meet even more community members in future events. I am trying to make it to NXM3 (fingers crossed) and will probably go to this year’s GLX Xtoberfest run.

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