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New X in RI, soon to be PA

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I just picked up a new Night Armor S 4x4 6 speed on Saturday! I'm really happy so far and I can't wait for 1,200 to get by me. I live in Newport, RI at the moment, but I'll be moving to West Chester, PA in a few weeks for a new job.

I headed to Lincoln Woods (near Providence, RI) today for some moutain biking with a buddy. So the first thing I did was fab. up an interior bike rack with some parts from my local bike shop and the Home Depot. Set me back $50 (stupid mounts were $20 a pop) and was pretty simple. I've got some pics: Bike rack, side, front, back.

I'm looking forward to a lot of good times with this truck!

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welcome :wav:
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