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New Wheels

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Got on my Cragar Soft 8's with the 1.3" spacer, and the black walls out on my stock "S" tires. It looks pretty sick, ill try to get pictures up on this, but last time i tried my camera said no.

Anyways i did the melty wheel well thing to eliminate any rubbing, so that is fixed, i have the black plexiglass "hub caps" in that Dragon Playboy had specially made to fit, and i have chrome, rust proof lugs on that make them look pretty sick.

The only problem i am having is balancing. Right under 40 and 70 mph they start to wiggle i little bit, and i can definately feel it. The guys at the shop said they'd try again but with steel wheels it is hard. Should i just go somewhere else? or should i try those balance beads?
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yeah post some pics man! I never technically got to see those on an x. :(
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