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new wheels and tires

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Whats up guys? Hopefully I'll be putting on my new wheels along with some bfg a/ts tonight. I'm picking up my adapters on the way home from work and I'll take plenty of pictures. I'll hopefully have more up here by 8 tonight. :)
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well i decided to go with 285/75s but I got new nuts to use on the adapter and the guy sold me 12x1.25 nuts but they don't fit on my studs? I got a thread pitch gauge and the nuts I got read 1.50. So basically I didn't get to put the on tonight, the back looks good though. So I'm back to stock wheels until I get some new nuts. I'm thinking I might have some rubbing issues with the 8 inch wheels and 1 inch spacer. It looks like I might have to get out the old sawzall. :headbang:
OK guys, the wheels are on and the X is minus some sheet metal. It was a minor trim but you'll be able to see in the pictures. The pics I tried to take didn't turn out well since its dark but hopefully I can get some this weekend while I'm out of town and have them for you Monday.

Its a bad paint edit, but underneath the plastic piece I cut some of the sheet metal back and bent some of the metal back to give some more clearance.

Not the greatest pics, but hopefully they'll hold you over until I get some ones in the daylight. It looks much better, and they only stick out about an inch and a half from the fenders. There is still minor rubbing but it is somewhere in the middle of the the turn, the extremes are fine. A lift will definitely solve the problem. I'll try to get some pictures of where its rubbing as well.
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Sorry for the slow response I was out of town for the weekend. The rubbing issues I feel are due mostly to the wider wheel and adapter. If you were to not need an adapter to fit the wheels I think there may be minor rubbing but much less than what I am experiencing. As far as articulation, I have yet to run into any problems, but I have not done anything off-road except for driving back my friends dirt lane. I can try to take some pics flexing later tonight if I get off of work at a decent time. I plan on getting an AC shackle lift here in the next couple of weeks so that will hopefully eliminate any possibility of slamming the fenders. I did take some pictures this weekend and will upload them when I get home from work.
I got mine from Summit Racing for like 50 a wheel plus free shipping. Keep in mind you may need some kind of adapters to clear the brake calipers depending on the design of the wheels.
From what I have seen so far if you take a heat gun or hair dryer to the inside of your wheel wells, you should have no problems. The only thing I could think of might be under full compression with the wheel turned at a pretty sharp angle. Under normal conditions though after lifting I have no rubbing problems whatsoever.
Heres an idea of the spacer... Measurements are in inches and some measurements could vary depending on the material and tools you have available. For example: the shop I got mine made at had a 1.150" bore and thats the size I used. I would not use less than a 28 mm hole otherwise sockets may not fit. Hope this helps you guys out. =]

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Sorry guys, I meant millimeters. Good call... I just wanted to give ya'll a quick update. I do have some rubbing during turning if I am experiencing a lot of compression. Its all plastic rubbing but its annoying. I think they may be getting a trimming here soon.
I don't have any pics right now, but basically i cut some and bent back the rest of the sheet metal and put the screws into it so It looks like it does when you first pull it off. Its kind of hard to explain but theres a little lip there that your screws go into. I also cut underneath where the plastic is covering it. When I get home from work i'll see if I can get some pics up for you.
Sorry if I wasn't really clear. Basically I would trim some and then use some pliers to bend the metal back. The metal itself is pretty pliable, and isn't too hard to bend. I just used tin snips to do the trimming. Just make sure you do small pieces at a time and check to make sure you don't ruin the bodylines.

I'm not sure of the style of the wheels that will really determine if you need to mill them or not. I'm guessing they are going to be similar to the Soft 8s so you shouldn't have anything to worry about :)
Yeah due to the size of the tires, you shouldn't have any issues. They are a little narrower and not as tall. The width of the wheel plus the spacer and then the additional width of the tire caused the rubbing.
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