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So, doing some pre-planning for my SAS install this summer. Thought I'd run what I've got past you guys and see if you have any input.

Front Axle:
Reverse spiral high clearance D44

Rear Axle:
Swap out my current rear '05 for an '07+(year?), which I believe has the more preferred 4 spider gears, and do a spring over swap. I like the thought of a drop in axle with rear E-locker.

Steering Box:
Toyota outside the frame

Install kit (to help cut down on the fabbing time):

Coilovers (not sure what spring yet, hoping to go dual rate)
Fox 2.0's


F-O-A 14" coilovers

Likely will be looking for 37" or 38" tires on a 17" rim.

Thoughts, ideas, input much appreciated. Thanks.
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