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$200 OBO + shipping, or pick up in the Scottsdale Metro area. It's very light, so shipping shouldn't be more than about $10 - $15 max. Note that these are around $300 - $400 at the dealership, so this is a great value

I purchased this thinking that I might need it to get the VDC and Slip lights to turn off, but all I needed was an alignment and rezeroing the original sensor and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to return this, so I'm selling it as I have no need for it. This is new in the original bubble wrap. As can be seen, this was manufactured on 12-20-18. What you see is exactly what you get. Note: I'm not sure, but I think that this may require pairing with the ABS controller using Nissan or equivalent software. I've read that this may be the case elsewhere on this site.

PM, or call or text me at 775-372-7656

This also fits the same model year Frontier's and Pathfinders as well as the Xterra.

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