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Rugged Rocks has teamed up with DC Power Engineering to bring the latest in high output alternator technology to your Nissan Truck or SUV! You can now run the same type of alternator that some of the top off-road racing competitors, like Robby Gordon, Greg Adler, & Jeremy McGrath are running in their Baja 1000 race trucks and many others in the popular King of the Hammers race. They are durable units that can take the abuse your off road adventures! These new Nissan high output alternators are rated at 180A max output, and an amazing 130A is available at idle unlike other alternators.
We previously released the alternators for the 4.0L and 5.6L Nissan Engines, and now the 3.0L and 3.3L V6 versions are also available!
Order yours now here:


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From SteeevO;

Over the last few months, I have been getting emails asking when the High Output alternators are coming back. Today I finally have an answer.

A 1-week order period will open on Friday May 22nd. At the end of that week period, all orders will be submitted to the Manufacture where there will be about a 3 - 4 week turn around time.

There won't be any cancellations or refunds allowed once the order period closes and the batch order is placed with the manufacture.

Although this is an awesome product, I don't move enough of them to keep them on the shelf. Therefore they became a special order item for quite some time. In the end the customers were getting their alternators, but it took a lot of my time trying to follow up on each individual order which were all placed at different times which got really strenuous and wasn't worth the effort on my end.

I hope that many of you that have been waiting for these to return can take advantage of this order period. This way I can get you the product you want in the most streamline fashion.

The listing of available Alternators is here:
Search - RR-11256

Please share this email with your friends.
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