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New member from Vancouver, B.C.

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I purchased a Silver 2006 Xterra Off-Road with Manual transmission on September 2nd. It was on a gravel forest service road 120km after being driven off the dealer's lot, and yes, one of the mudflaps is now broken ;-)

My prior truck was a 1992 Pathfinder:

Aside from 'general transportation', I use my truck to 'get places', rather than for off-roading as a sport. In other words, things like getting to a trailhead for hiking, or trying to get close to a Degree Confluence

Plans include Shrockworks front bumper and sliders. Here's a couple of recent photos (no, that isn't a Solar Yellow 07 Xterra next to my Xterra ;-)

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If you are looking for some "locals" to run with check out the Northwest regional club at:
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