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New Member from Escanaba, MI

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Hello All!

I've been reading this site for some time now, but have been too lazy to sign up for an account. (like it takes long) I've had my Xterra since March and I love the damn thing, quite the improvement from my 93 Ford Tempo (Seafoam Green, YA BABY!). This is my first new vehicle, complete with the new car smell that isn't in the form of a blue pine tree. Now I just need to start modding my X and hit some trails....

I'll have to post some pics of my ride, if I ever get around to taking them off of my camera. (On there since March)
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Welcome. In PA they have no fault. Which means you get screwed either way.
I am not sure about PA. It was back in 1998 when I was hit, I was in college and to stupid to realize I could get my $500 back.
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