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New CJD Titan Swap Coilovers - Locked Offroad

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10 Day lead time. Quick, someone order them!

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Woah! It always blows my mind when a new coilover comes out for a car that was discontinued in 2015. Those look amazing. I'd get em if I didn't just buy the Nisstec ones :(
I believe the new gen Frontiers front suspension remained unchanged. So they get to make stuff for the current truck, and we luck out.

I wanna know stroke measurements on these. At the price they better provide more travel than the MKll's and the new Fox option.
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what is fox’s stroke numbers?Who’s selling those? I know everyone is chasing nisstec on these but have never seen stroke numbers on any other options
Ive only seen stroke numbers on Radflo, the benchmark, and now the MKII's. I Think the realization with MKII's made folks aware that its worth finding out beforehand.
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Ive purchased a couple CJD items and have been very satisfied. No direct interaction regarding fabrication or custom work though, so cant speak to that.
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