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New CJD Titan Swap Coilovers - Locked Offroad

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10 Day lead time. Quick, someone order them!

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So, I sent an email asking CJD if they had the travel/extended/compressed numbers and or if they had released them yet. I pasted their response below, obviously, they did answer my question, I asked if they had them not what they were but still kinda feels like a smartass response to me. Anyway, I sent a follow-up asking for the actual numbers.

Per CJD "Yes we do know the numbers are we are the ones who designed the needed lengths. They were designed to work with the CJD Racing titan swap kit to use the full wheel travel of the kit"
I'd say their wheel travel is likely up there then as I trust them and they do some extreme stuff with Nissans. It is a smart ass answer...and its possible they're keeping it close to their chest as all their competitors are chasing the market Nisstec fumbled with the MKII.

They'll have to forgive us for being skeptical after many folks have gotten duped by Nisstec in to thinking they were buying Radflo equivalent struts.

Thanks for trying to get numbers out of them.
I agree I do trust them as well, I've purchased other items from them, and the product quality and customer support were top notch. I just don't really understand any hesitancy to release the numbers unless they lack travel like the MKII, and I asked specifically this time and they may answer with numbers and the problem will be solved. We know the max travel an aftermarket titan uca and stock lca can have, thus we just need to confirm the shock also has that much travel, if it does, great, release the numbers to show it and everyone is happy. I dont see how it hurts them to show that they work as intended, unlike the MKII. Ill keep everyone updated if I hear back.
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So I just had a conversation with CJD and was told they are unwilling to and will not be providing extended and compressed lengths for their coil overs, I pressed them for actual dimensions and was told their official response is and will remain "These are the correct length to work with the CJD Racing Titan swap kit as this is the kit that the shock was designed around"

Edit: I was just told they will release numbers after the shocks themself are released and shipped to customers but not until then, so thats decent news.
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Sounds like someone's going to have to take one for the team.
I just got radflos so, NOT IT!
I would appreciate it if you could figure out shock travel on those Radflos. I know no numbers. At least assuming you have TS rads
I have the extended travel and a top spacer, no titan swap.
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