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New CJD Titan Swap Coilovers - Locked Offroad

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10 Day lead time. Quick, someone order them!

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I'd say their wheel travel is likely up there then as I trust them and they do some extreme stuff with Nissans. It is a smart ass answer...and its possible they're keeping it close to their chest as all their competitors are chasing the market Nisstec fumbled with the MKII.

They'll have to forgive us for being skeptical after many folks have gotten duped by Nisstec in to thinking they were buying Radflo equivalent struts.

Thanks for trying to get numbers out of them.
Why do you trust them? Have you used CJD personally?
I have spent thousands with them and it is the worst mistake I’ve made. Mike is not a man of his word. He still owes me work and parts. I have him on film acknowledging this and he said on camera he was not going to finish. I will never recommend CJD for parts and especially not for work done by Mike. They are the new PRG!! Buyer Beware. He talks a great game but does not produce. I’ve had to modify, get rid of, prematurely fix, or redesign every CJD item that was ever on my rig. Stay away!! He charged tax on labor, charged for parts he did not put on, took months longer than was quoted, did backyard mechanic work, did not cycle the suspension even tho he charged for it, did not do any clearance work even tho he charged for it, left bolts way too long, tore boots and did not replace them…List goes on but you get it. I was just curious if you had a personal experience.
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1 - 2 of 35 Posts