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New CJD Titan Swap Coilovers - Locked Offroad

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10 Day lead time. Quick, someone order them!

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I believe the new gen Frontiers front suspension remained unchanged. So they get to make stuff for the current truck, and we luck out.

I wanna know stroke measurements on these. At the price they better provide more travel than the MKll's and the new Fox option.
what is fox’s stroke numbers?Who’s selling those? I know everyone is chasing nisstec on these but have never seen stroke numbers on any other options
Ive only seen stroke numbers on Radflo, the benchmark, and now the MKII's. I Think the realization with MKII's made folks aware that its worth finding out beforehand.
Agree. I wonder if stroke on all new ones are short too. ADO guy was gonna go off and measure on FB xterra crew and I never saw a response(but may have missed it)

CJD guy was first to point t out short stroke so hoping for better on this one and haven’t given up hope on any yet. Just cautious
I'd say their wheel travel is likely up there then as I trust them and they do some extreme stuff with Nissans. It is a smart ass answer...and its possible they're keeping it close to their chest as all their competitors are chasing the market Nisstec fumbled with the MKII.

They'll have to forgive us for being skeptical after many folks have gotten duped by Nisstec in to thinking they were buying Radflo equivalent struts.

Thanks for trying to get numbers out of them.
If the info doesn't come out I'll likely buy the Radflo 2.5s from them when I'm ready...or talk to them on the phone and get the full scoop. Them and ADO are my favorites right now. Z1 did too much advertising in the NIsstec gripe threads. Thought it wasn't very classy. Still order from them but just didn't care for their approach so they don't get put up on a pedestal much in my mind other than I want them to stay in buisness....if that makes sense.
My apologies for my ignorance. What's the latest issues going on with the MKII coilovers? I noticed that mine (TS version) are making a little bit of noise and the paint is already starting to fade fasters than my radflo 2.0. I am curious about these Lock coilovers.

Just that they provide about 8" of travel vs the 'assumed' 10" or more that Radflo provides. Thats really it. There's the 'Nisstec sucks and won't answer their phones' issue...but that's separate from this one.
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Just tripped across Fox from ADO has 9.3" of travel available...approximately. Chad must have responded on FB and I missed it.

Why do you trust them? Have you used CJD personally?
Just my interactions with them on the facebook group and an email convo I had with them.
I have spent thousands with them and it is the worst mistake I’ve made. Mike is not a man of his word. He still owes me work and parts. I have him on film acknowledging this and he said on camera he was not going to finish. I will never recommend CJD for parts and especially not for work done by Mike. They are the new PRG!! Buyer Beware. He talks a great game but does not produce. I’ve had to modify, get rid of, prematurely fix, or redesign every CJD item that was ever on my rig. Stay away!! He charged tax on labor, charged for parts he did not put on, took months longer than was quoted, did backyard mechanic work, did not cycle the suspension even tho he charged for it, did not do any clearance work even tho he charged for it, left bolts way too long, tore boots and did not replace them…List goes on but you get it. I was just curious if you had a personal experience.
Just FYI carbon shocks now offers a titan swap coilover as well and it's a little cheaper then the locked offroad option. No idea on what the numbers are but from what I've heard carbon shocks make a decent product and was reccomended by kibbetech which says a lot.

Thanks!! I had no idea that was out there. I asked about the travel numbers from them.
Quick response....say its 18 ext, 13 collapsed 'as stated on our website'.

I didn't see it on their page....I'd prefer if they hadn't gotten snarky about it. Maybe you have to go to a tech spec page and find it. Just scoured the page and I don't see how I'd have ever gotten that info. Dude has too much confidence in his website I think
So I just had a conversation with CJD and was told they are unwilling to and will not be providing extended and compressed lengths for their coil overs, I pressed them for actual dimensions and was told their official response is and will remain "These are the correct length to work with the CJD Racing Titan swap kit as this is the kit that the shock was designed around"

Edit: I was just told they will release numbers after the shocks themself are released and shipped to customers but not until then, so thats decent news.
I am not sure how I feel about that level of information sharing before asking someone to plunk down 1800 bucks. My guess is their number will come in right about 9.3-9.5"

I'm leaning toward Radflo if I ever move away from the DIY Bilsteins(which I likely will).
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I just got radflos so, NOT IT!
I would appreciate it if you could figure out shock travel on those Radflos. I know no numbers. At least assuming you have TS rads
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