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New and way cooler LED project underway!

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So the last of the parts I needed finally came in the mail so I'm getting started on my Black LED halo headlights! Tonight I just monkeyed with the LED's to make sure they'd work properly with the front turns, seeing as how the front turns are wired just a bit retardedly.

the LED's clustered in the pics on the board will make a white halo that will be mounted in the turn signal housing. they look pretty bright!

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well I got everything painted last night, but I had to leave and was hurrying (always a bad idea) and I don't think I left enough time in between the clear coats and now there are "smokey" spots on the lights. sucks. I might be able to wetsand and polish them out though, we'll see.

they look cool though!
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I got the LED's situated on the circuit board and wired/soldered/etc, that took a solid 3 hours for the first one...

they work great and look cool!!!

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Wow man, that's really lookin good. I was worried this project might turn into a mess but it looks like you're moving along great.
Can't wait to see it complete. Great progress, and excellent work!! You seem pretty smart and determined to do something like that.
so are you not driving at night? or how does tht work? but it looks like it comming together great. good job!
yeah I bought some booze and rented some xbox 360 games cuz I ain't driving anywhere for a while. :)
LOL! Lookin nice dude!!! That black looks real nice!

lookin good so far! got the paint fixed, just needed a bit o polishing compound.
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what kind of adhesive do you use to put the light assembly back together and how are you attaching the LED assembly in the light.
I reuse the factory sealant by heating it up on both sides first with a heat gun, and pushing the light back together. after that I run a good bead of silicone around the seam to make sure no water can get in.

The LED assembly will be held in the light with this glue called Goop that's like a gel-ish super-ish glue...

kinda like this one:

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dragonplayboy said:

lookin good so far! got the paint fixed, just needed a bit o polishing compound.
That looks so SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job! :cyclopsani:
it's lookin good so far! :)

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Those are looking great!
And we're done. Praise the Lord, they look great! :)

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I'll take some daytime pics tomorrow, but for now It's about beer:30
Looks great! I think you might eventually run out of things to put LEDs in!
Absolutely amazing Todd, that is a very nice mod and it looks so clean!!!! Nice job! Now you can rest, lol!!
DragonPB you are the man dude. that looks Great!!! well.. that is my next project now ... Awesome job man
absolutly sick. thats a sweet lookin truck man. im at a loss for words...
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