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New and way cooler LED project underway!

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So the last of the parts I needed finally came in the mail so I'm getting started on my Black LED halo headlights! Tonight I just monkeyed with the LED's to make sure they'd work properly with the front turns, seeing as how the front turns are wired just a bit retardedly.

the LED's clustered in the pics on the board will make a white halo that will be mounted in the turn signal housing. they look pretty bright!

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im jelous... nice setup!
so are you not driving at night? or how does tht work? but it looks like it comming together great. good job!
your my hero
thx dude, but im a little short on cash right now. also, im having trouble finding a vinyl shop you told me about here in the area :cussing:. ill think about it, and if i decide, ill let you kno about the lights.
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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