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New and way cooler LED project underway!

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So the last of the parts I needed finally came in the mail so I'm getting started on my Black LED halo headlights! Tonight I just monkeyed with the LED's to make sure they'd work properly with the front turns, seeing as how the front turns are wired just a bit retardedly.

the LED's clustered in the pics on the board will make a white halo that will be mounted in the turn signal housing. they look pretty bright!

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Dude you the man!!!! :cheers: if it works for you I am Making some for me too.
dragonplayboy said:
C-los, I had a feeling you'd be doing that :)
lol I feel bad now... I have to come up with an LED project my self
DragonPB you are the man dude. that looks Great!!! well.. that is my next project now ... Awesome job man
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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