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New Alcan spring packs on their way...

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I called and got a UPS confirmation number. Looks like they're scheduled to be delivered on Friday, just in time for a weekend install. I was hoping to have my Shrock front bumper too, but I called Jim and found out that he only got a 1/2 order back from the laser cutter, so it's going to be another month.

Anyway... I'm getting off track. Any tricks or suggestions before I dig in? I have never wrestled with spring packs before, and fully expect the install to be a PITA (at least that's what everyone keeps telling me).
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The spring packs take all of 1 hour at most to install per side. Biggest pain is getting the shackles apart. And torque everything once on the ground.
$425 is no bad when you consider I paid close to $300 just for a top spring. Of couse I had it made ASAP.
RogueClimber said:
Pony had an adventure with his springs...They shipped him first gen ones to start with. The second gen springs fit a lot better :drunken:
I have been down that road.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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